The island of Fuerteventura is 130 km long and 40 wide.
All roads have a number preceded by FV, for example the road FV-2 connects Puerto de Rosario to Morro Jable, while the FV-1 unites Puerto de Rosario to Corralejo.
You can move, depending on your needs and desire to explore, with the followings transports:
  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Car
  • Bicycle
  • Motorcycles & Scooters

One of the most used to move around the island are the buses, called guaguas.
Thanks to them, you can move comfortably from the extreme south to the extreme north, crossing the main towns.
The main station is located in Puerto del Rosario, and most of the lines terminus here.
The service is provided by the company Tiadhe-Maxoratabus.

To plan a trip, you can use the web page where appropriate, by entering the city of origin and destination, indicating schedules and lines to use. You pay the ticket on board indicating the driver your destination.
Alternatively you can buy the BTF card at one-time cost of EUR 2. Through it all the normal rates are discounted by 30% allowing savings that increase depending on the use.
The BfF card works like a rechargeable prepaid card, you buy it from the driver on the bus and can be recharged for a minimum amount of 15 euro.
Click here to go to the company’s website Maxoratabus to detail and times of lines, or download the PDF file for a pocket summary.

They are clean, affordable and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Present in every major town, you can find them everywhere you need it: airport, all major ports, shopping malls, outside the main clubs and restaurants.

Transfers to and from the airport, up to 4 people plus luggage, cost about:
Corralejo € 50
El Cotillo € 60
Caleta de Fuste € 10
Puerto del Rosario € 10
Costa Calma € 70
Morro Jable € 100
The main companies are:

You will surely have the maximum flexibility renting a car, thanks to which you can move around the island reaching the most beautiful beaches, even the most secluded.
Note that several of the island’s best beaches are accessible via not asphalted roads and in this case the insurance will not cover you for any problems or accidents.
The prices are very competitive, so that for a small car in the off season you can spend about 70 euro for a week.
Our advice is to always book it through internet for time, so to compare the various offers and prices, ensure availability and avoid wasting time on arrival.
If you too have the same doubt that many people, the answer is yes: the prices on the internet are lower than those you’ll find in agency on arrival!
Agencies rent a car more series, to our experience, they are:

There are many agencies that rent a bike to get a healthy ride. In the city, as Corralejo and Morro Jable, there are lots of bike paths that allow long walks and rides in the center. You can also rent mountain bikes for free spins or driven on dirt roads, perhaps to visit the crater of a volcano!


Scooters and Motorcycles
Fair choice for lovers of motorized two-wheelers to visit the island in the open making full use of its wonderful climate and landscape.
We point out, among others: