The cuisine of the Canary Islands , is the most open and multicultural in Europe.

The classic Spanish cuisine is influenced by the close- Africa and South America , including the Canary Islands have always been a middle deck since the discoveries of Christopher Columbus.

Gofio and Mojo

The Canarian cuisine is simple and not elaborate. The main ingredient in almost every dish is Gofio , which is obtained by roasting wheat flour or corn.
The Gofio is a product that dates back to the Guanches , the pre-Hispanic inhabitants then exterminated during the colonization of the Americas.
The imagination with which the Canari use gofio is limitless , the melt in hot milk for breakfast, but also use it to mix the broth of fish, meat or vegetables to prepare a kind of bread ( ” gofio amasado ” ) or for sweets such as mousse or pudding gofio .
Together with gofio , the board of the Canary Islands never fail spicy sauces the ” mojos ” developed in dozens of different ways . The base is always the same: garlic , salt, oil , vinegar and herbs. In the “ mojo picon ” add pepper , cumin and peperonciono , while in the ” mojo verde “, used especially for fish dishes , there are parsley and cilantro.
The ” mojo rojo ” made of chili is very spicy and is used mainly for meat dishes.



Fish and potatoes

The potato ” papas ,” are the most obvious sign of the relationship that has always linked the Canaries with the Americas . Potatoes are at the base of one of the most important dishes of the local cuisine , the “ papas wrinkled ,” small potatoes cooked without peeling them in very salty water , sea water and almost always accompanied with ” mojo verde ” or ” mojo rojo” . Can not miss the fish , of all kinds: snappers, groupers , tuna , mackerel , sardines, mackerel , but also lesser known species such as salps and sea bream .
The main fish the local cuisine is still la Vieja , also called parrot fish because of its colorful, striped robe . The flesh is white, soft and delicious.
The fish dishes are the most popular these: the ” tollos ” are small sharks that are sun-dried and preserved in salt , the “sancocho ” with grouper prepared with boiled potatoes , sweet potatoes and spicy sauce , and the ” pescado encebollado ” in which the fish is added to a tomato sauce and onions , then there ‘s ” embarrado de atún cool,” fresh tuna marinated and finally the ” salpicón de pescado ,” a ‘ fish salad mixed with vegetables. Always clear sea of the islands come molluscs, crustaceans and shellfish, among which ii ” burgaos ” , typical of the Atlantic shellfish and lobster Canarian flavor extraordinary.

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The Goat: its cheese, its flesh.

The goat is an animal very important to Fuerteventura, not surprisingly made it the logo represents the island.

The goat meat can be tasted in restaurants, stewed, baked or asado, his flesh is similar to that of the lamb flavor but with a much less decided I assure you it is a real treat!

Cheese is also a very popular on the island, is an elaborate goat’s milk and is produced in the six municipalities of Fuerte.

There are many varieties of cheese from fresh to semi-mature, to mature, in addition to the line of smoked … Who loves cheese will definitely appreciate his kindness and genuineness.

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