Excursions and Sports

What you miss when you come to Fuerteventura will definitely be the time to get bored.

There are so many things to see and do, emotions to show that even the most skilled tourist might be able to do it all in one week!
For this reason we have decided to present all (or almost all) the excursions that you can perform, accompanied by a brief description.
So from home you will have plenty of time to think to an excursion that interests you and that which you can not just give up!


Have you ever got on a catamaran?
Have you ever experienced the feeling of being transported by the wind blowing in the sails and then not hear the noise of an engine?



Treat yourself to a unique experience, enjoying the sun on the open sea, crystal clear waters of the ocean gives us, diving, relax and drink.

With any company you may have included in the price also the equipment for snorkeling and diving.



A trip to a depth of 30 meters, into the depths of the ocean, where you can observe numerous varieties of fish, barracuda, sharks, fish of many colors.
You can capture some fantastic moments discovering the beauty of the marine life in its habitat.
Everything in maximum security, in fact this tour is also suitable for small children.
It will definitely be a unique experience that will introduce you to Fuerteventura from a point of view different from all the others.



With only 15 minutes by ferry you can reach the island of Los Lobos (or the Islote as they call it).
An island of only 6 km of diameter, lived by only two families that built before Los Lobos was proclaimed natural park in 1982. The sea is so transparent that you’ll have to plunge!
For the idlest, Los Lobos has a white beach whether to be able to enjoy the sun, for the one that instead feels like exploring, in a few hours a path will allow you to make the complete turn around of the island.
You will also find a typical restaurant that, if you want, will delight you of good fresh fish.

jetty with single motorboat at the harbor of Los Lobos

You can do the DEEP SEA FISHING, huge fish and fish know of new species, even novices can enjoy the experience of KAJAK, visiting with instructors guide, cliffs, caves and deserted beaches to take your breath away.



The sea water temperature almost constant throughout the year plus the current through the Canary Islands, creating a phenomenon in which the flora and fauna are particularly interesting to see. For this Fuerte is a perfect place to dedicate himself TO DIVE and SNORKEL without the need to achieve great depth because you can already see the curious colorful fish from near the coast ..



How about a ride on the dunes of Corralejo in the saddle of a camel? Oh, yes, Fuerteventura you can do that too! You will feel real Bedouin and from the top of the camel can enjoy the landscape of white sand, a strip of asphalt, the sky and the sea.

It will remain in your heart, we are sure of it





The majority of tourists who come to Fuerte, they do not miss a ride on a Quad.
It’s really a pleasant experience that will take you to discover places otherwise unreachable by car will take you to the foot of the volcano and some in the most pristine beaches. Definitely try it!



.. And then again, for bike enthusiasts, MOUNTAIN BIKING TOUR to discover the most hidden places that few people know, go along the beds of rivers now dry and barren hills dominate the island .. It will be like riding on the moon !



You can make good trekking: guided tours will take you on trails more or less difficult and time consuming to go through, there’s really something for everyone, from the discovery of the mouth of the volcano to what you will see from Fuerteventura.

Do not forget the camera!


The coast of Fuerteventura stretches for 340km, with beaches to suit all tastes and for many water sports, not surprisingly has been consolidated within the World Cup circuit!

Favourable winds and the versatility of the conditions of the sea, meet the needs of those who practice surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, whether they are beginners or experts.
There are several centers in the island where you can take lessons and where staff looking at the calendar of the tides will know what is the stretch of coast more suitable to your level of practice.

It would not hurt to spend a day in the waves right?




Among the sports that can be practiced on the mainland, we have also the GOLF.

There are several golf courses on the island but the most famous is surely to Caleta de Fuste, which is spread over an area of 6124 meters and has 18 holes, immediately after is that of Corralejo, most small but equally beautiful with its unique view of the ocean and the island of Lobos.




Lovers of this sport or those who want groped for the first time a game, can not miss a day on the green hills, lakes, artificial perfection of these fields.

Do you know the PADEL? This new sport that is partially replacing the traditional tennis?

Here in Fuerteventura is very famous and due to its simplicity, people of all ages are dedicated to this sport.

The numbers of padel courts in the territory that will surely tempt you to try this experience!